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EV Charging Solutions

Turn-Key Solutions

Your one-stop solution for advanced EVC and microgrid systems. We expertly handle design, engineering, deployment, and offer continual support for our clients.

Tailor Fit EV Charging

We often incorporate Microgrids to provide reliable, cost-efficient on-site power. This ensures availability and reduces the cost of every charge. Our Microgrids commonly utilize Batteries, Power Gen Sets, Fuel Cells, and Solar.

Sustainability And Savings

With extensive experience in delivering Microgrids-as-a-Service, FullCharge Energy significantly enhances our EVC Subscription, with stable and reliable power, renewable energy, and cost-effective solutions.

Energize The Environmental Landscape

We don’t just design the ideal system, complete with on-site power generation – we also offer a monetary subscription platform. This allows businesses to present Electric Vehicle charging and Charging-as-a-Service solutions to retail sales and fleet operators.

100% Funding
Site Design & Engineering
Equipment Procurement
EV Construction
Maintenance & Service